State Budget Sources

An annotated reference guide to state budgets, financial reports, and fiscal analyses
Monday, October 17, 2016
Katherine Barrett and Richard Greene

State Budget Sources: An Annotated Guide to State Budgets, Financial Reports, and Fiscal Analyses is designed to provide improved tools for public officials, policy advocates, journalists, academics, and concerned citizens researching the critical fiscal decisions that governors and legislators must make. The guide includes links to budgets for all fifty states as well as legislative analyses of budget bills and treasurers’ or comptrollers’ monthly state cash-flow statements; capital spending plans; reports on public-worker pension funding and returns; and reports by local and national fiscal research organizations, bond rating firms, and associations of state fiscal and finance officials.

The full report is downloadable as a PDF below. The clickable state map provides information for each individual state and is accompanied by a downloadable PDF of each. There is also a page and PDF available of national and federal sources.

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