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Bill Glasgall, the Alliance’s director of state and local initiatives, and Noah Winn-Ritzenberg, state and local project manager, have been making the rounds of Wall Street to discuss their program’s latest report, Truth and Integrity in State Budgeting: Preventing

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The Academic-Practitioner Exchange panel gathered experts to discuss enhancing collaboration between academics and practitioners in public administration.

Commentary: Chris Hamel

Municipal Market Analytics gives an overview of the latest state budgeting report, infrastructure, deferred maintenance and transparency.

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Ms. Mello discussed the public service workforce crisis, and Mr. Light examined historic challenges in public administration and democracy.

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Richard Ravitch and his wife Kathleen M. Doyle received the New Yorker for New York Award at the CCNYC' New Yorker for New York Gala.

Commentary: Paul A. Volcker

Paul Volcker considers the state of banking today in an interview with bank analyst Mike Mayo of the CFA Institute.

Commentary: Thomas W. Ross

The Volcker Alliance's president examines the damage caused by the government shutdown and it's negative impact on the future of public service.

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The webinar highlighted their co-written Volcker Alliance working paper, "Performance Accountability, Evidence, and Improvement."

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The G2U initiative advances government-university partnerships that respond to high need areas for government.