Volcker Alliance Announces Launch of the First Two G2U Regional Councils

Monday, February 4, 2019
G2U Launch Event

Government-to-University Initiative: A Regional Approach to Advancing Government Effectiveness

March 20, 2019
8:00 am – 10:30 am
Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center
1300 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C.

Partnerships between universities and government at all levels—local, state and federal—can generate substantial benefits in preparing our nation to address complex, urgent challenges. The Government-to-University Initiative (G2U), launched by the Volcker Alliance in the fall of 2018, advances structured, regional partnerships between government practitioners and universities with the aim of responding to high need areas for government: access to top talent, workforce preparedness, and support for applied research, predictive analytics, and program evaluation. 

During the first phase of the G2U Initiative, the Volcker Alliance convened exploratory design sessions in partnership with universities in four sites: Pittsburgh, PA; Chapel Hill, NC; Kansas City, MO; and Austin, TX. Participants ranged from university professors, career services leaders, deans, and students to government officials from federal, state, counties, cities, and towns. Alliance staff worked closely with university hosts and Federal Executive Board Directors in each site to engage a diverse range of participants and perspectives who could speak to the critical issues at hand.

Coming out of this exploratory phase of the G2U initiative, we learned there is an enormous appetite to advance effectiveness in governance by building government-university networks at a regional level. Participants in every site emphatically endorsed the value of routine, structured regional collaboration between local, state, and federal government practitioners with universities’ leadership, faculties, and students. Public sector workforce recruitment and the alignment of research priorities rose to the top as the most productive topics for a regional group to tackle. Tangible, actionable solutions are already taking shape. 

The Volcker Alliance event offered an opprtunity to learn more about the G2U initiative, and the promising solutions developing nationally to:

• Enable collective, thoughtful prioritization of the governance problems most in need of new solutions;
• Inspire and prepare students to succeed in the public workforce;
• Help students successfully navigate public sector hiring;
• Bring together the best minds in academia—across disciplines and experience—to address intractable management problems and make government systems run better;
• Reduce reliance on one-off research engagements that can be expensive and non-transferable across agencies and instead develop trusted, lasting partnerships between organizations;
• Save money and time in the pursuit of data-driven, smart governance; and
• Most importantly, offer better service to citizens.

The March 20 event in Washington, D.C. brought together leading academics and practitioners from around the nation to discuss how universities and federal, state, and local governments can build sustainable connections to catalyze change.

Keynote Speaker:

Anne-Marie Slaughter
President and CEO of New America and author of The Chessboard and the Web: Strategies of Connection in a Networked World

Guest Speaker:

Margaret Weichert
Deputy Director for Management at the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and Acting Director of the Office of Personnel Management (OPM)

Additional speakers include:

Dustin Brown
Deputy Assistant Director, U.S. Office of Management and Budget

Angela Evans
Dean, The University of Texas at Austin Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs

Peter Jhon
Senior Analyst, Office of Analytics, Technology, and Planning, Allegheny County Department of Human Services

Sara Mogulescu
Executive Vice President, The Volcker Alliance 

Thomas W. Ross
President, The Volcker Alliance

Scott Sellers
City Manager, City of Kyle, TX

Jackie Speedy
Associate Dean of the School of Public Policy and Management, Carnegie Mellon University Heinz College

Jaime Velasquez
Associate Director for Employee Relations, University of Illinois-Chicago Career Services    

David Warm
Executive Director, Mid-America Regional Council

For questions about this event, please contact G2U@volckeralliance.org and follow us @VolckerAlliance.

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